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Pharmac Part-Subsidy

Pharmac part-subsidy on gluten free foods

The Pharmac part-subsidy on gluten free flour and pasta is available to:

  • patients diagnosed with coeliac disease by biopsy
  • patients diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis
Pharmac manages the part-funding of gluten free foods but no longer lists new products or makes changes to the subsidy amount on the existing foods listed. This means that as prices increase, using a prescription for these gluten free foods may in time become less viable. However, it is currently still very worthwhile purchasing gluten free foods in many areas.
If the patient is based in the South Island or Hutt Valley DHB area, Crombie and Price administer a programme called ‘Hospital to Home’ and it is very cost effective. 
In the North Island, excluding the Hutt Valley DHB area, it is best that the patient does research first to establish if the part-subsidy is cost effective in their area ie consider cost of the GP prescription charge, possible pharmacy charge and cost of product (list as below).

For your patient to receive the part-subsidy: Special Authority Number

This number is required to enable the patient to receive the Pharmac part-subsidy and can be applied for by a GP, specialist or dietitian.
To apply complete this form.


North Island, excluding Lower Hutt

  1. GP, specialist or dietitian to complete a prescription for 3 months supply of 3 x month’s supply of gluten free flour, bread mix and/or baking mix and/or pasta (do not name brands - please keep products wanted generic)
  2. The patient then takes the prescription to their local or hospital pharmacy and orders their chosen products (see list below). A pharmacy prescription charge may apply.

South Island and Lower Hutt – Crombie & Price ‘Hospital to Home'

  1. Patient to download the prescription form with list of goods available under ‘Coeliac prescription' on Crombie & Price’s website or call 0800 118 311 for this form to be sent
  2. The form to be completed and taken to their GP, specialist or dietitian to be signed and then faxed to Crombie and Price - ph: 0800 118 322
  3. Crombie and Price will send the patient a pro-forma invoice regarding the part-cost payable.
  4. Once payment is received Crombie & Price will deliver to the patients home, freight free, to a nominated address