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Professional Membership Info

 A professional membership is available to manufacturers and retailers to keep you up-to-date with the latest in coeliac disease and gluten free foods.

Member Benefits:

  • Coeliac Link subscription: a subscription to our flagship full colour quarterly magazine
  • Copies of resources: Ingredient List booklet and the Reading Food Labels booklet
  • Member e-newsletters with updates re the latest in coeliac disease

New Members Pack:

  • Back copies of Coeliac Link magazine
  • ‘What is coeliac disease’ pamphlet
  • Reading Food Labels booklet
  • Ingredient List booklet
  • 'Simple steps with gluten free food' brochure
  • Crossed Grain Certified Gluten Free products list
  • Advertising media kit


New member joining fee: $92.00 (includes $35.00 for new member's pack)
Yearly renewal fee: $57.00

To become a member fill in the online enrolment form.