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Food Industry Resources

Flyer - Simple Steps with Gluten Free Food

This flyer contains information on how to prepare gluten free food and lower the risk of contamination. There are simple things you can do to decrease the risk of contamination when cooking gluten-containing and gluten free foods. Please contact us for printed copies of this flyer on or you can download a PDF version of the flyer here.

CNZ simple steps LR.pdf CNZ simple steps LR.pdf (1304 KB)

Flyer - What is coeliac disease?

If you would like information regarding coeliac disease for yourself or your customers, please contact us to request a supply of our 'What is Coeliac Disease' pamphlet. Contact or 09 414-7467 if you need any further information.

Handout - Gluten free catering, food service and restaurant information

This handout is for food caterers, food service providers and restaurants. It contains information about coeliac disease and how to prepare gluten free food. This handout can be downloaded from our member's area.

Ingredients List Booklet

A handy resource is the Ingredient List booklet - This booklet identifies which ingredients and additives are gluten free and those which are not. This booklet comes with the professional member's pack or you can purchase additional copies from our member's store if you are a CNZ member.